Friday, 24 February 2012 09:29

Book: First U.S. Army Build-Up Priority Tables, List A

    For years, Operation “Overlord” historians and researchers have been striving to fully understand the “Unit Serial Number” and three-colored bar code system used by the US Army, to identify units which participated in the D-Day Operation. The historical documents required to unlock the secrets of the code seemed lost to living memory, filed away unfound, in an unknown military archive.

    Then, in 2011, a document was located which finally provided some answers. It was the “First United States Army Build-Up Priority Table, List “A”, created in late Winter of 1944, to indicate the units selected to participate in an initial phase of the largest amphibious landing of the 20th Century. This document specified the individual units selected for the operation, and included the top-secret “Unit Serial Number” of each one. While plans for the Invasion were continuously refined until it actually occurred, the code numbers assigned to units on List “A” were personal to them, and remained the same throughout.

    This book presents information derived from that original US Army List “A”, and matches over 2,000 identified troop units with their top-secret “Unit Serial Numbers” and associated bar codes. Also included are contemporary photographs showing original Invasion artifacts, marked with their assigned “Unit Serial Numbers” and bar codes. The authors are pleased to present this information, and to begin the process of unlocking for modern times, the riddle of the US Army “Unit Serial Number” system, and its use in Operation “Overlord”.