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Queen serving with troops in World War 2 - Never before seen pictures

    The pics show the then-Princess Elizabeth doing her part for the war effort as the tide turned against the Nazis in March 1945.

    Her Majesty is shown maintaining an Austin K2 ambulance and a Tilly light truck during her stint with the Number 1 Beaufront Company, Auxiliary Territorial Service.

    The amateur photographs were uncovered after an album was donated to the Yorkshire Air Museum in Elvington, near York.

    They were taken at the Mechanical Transport Training Section, Camberley, Surrey, on the day that King George VI visited with Queen Elizabeth — later the Queen Mother — and Princess Margaret.


    Princess Elizabeth helps change a tyre
    Mechanically minded ... Queen helps change a tyre

    In one snap Her Majesty can even be seen changing a truck's tyre, while in another father King George inspects her handiwork as she repairs an engine.

    The images belonged to Peggy Hinchcliffe, who was on the course with Princess Elizabeth when the Royal Family made their visit.

    The photos were donated to the museum after Peggy’s death.


    George VI and Princess Elizabeth
    Inspection ... King George VI oversees his daughter's work

    Ian Richardson, from the Yorkshire Air Museum, said: “At a time when the nation is celebrating our monarch these pictures are a reminder of how she has served us all.

    “They were donated by Mrs Hinchcliffe after her death and to the best of our knowledge they have never been seen before.”

    A copy of the pictures have been mounted in an album and sent to the Queen.


    Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret
    Sisters ... Elizabeth chats with Princess Margaret

    The museum is set to hold a rally this weekend of more than 200 wartime vehicles — including those worked on by Her Majesty.

    As part of the celebrations three 25 pounder guns will be fired in salute to the Queen.


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