Thursday, 20 September 2012 18:06

Farm workers suprise - World War 2 era bomb found

    Sungai Siput: Five farm workers here were shocked when they were told that an old bomb, which they touched and inspected after discovering it on Monday was actually a live bomb.

    K. Vethaslam, 56, said he and the other four workers had found the bomb buried in the ground while clearing an undergrowth area at Ladang Infoternak at 4pm.

    "Thinking the bomb was an old metal object, the five of us decided to touch and inspect it. When we found out that the object was actually an old bomb, we immediately alerted the farm manager.

    "The farm manager later lodged a report at the Sungai Siput police station on the discovery," he said here today.

    Sungai Siput district police chief Superintendent Azman Salim said four members of a bomb disposal unit from the state police contingent headquarters rushed to the farm and found that the 60mm bomb was a live bomb, believed to have been from World War 2. He said the bomb was destroyed by the squad at about 9.40am.

    "Members of the public who find old objects, which they believe to be old bombs, should contact the nearest police station, and not act on their own for security reason," he cautioned.


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